I Made It

Image by Sarah Mellor Photography

I made it down the isle without having a nervous brake-down! Yes, I have to say I enjoyed every second that Saturday afternoon. I was blessed with the most beautiful wedding day a girl could ask for.

I would like to thank all of the amazing people who made my day amazing!

I booked my DJ first. I knew I had to have a great DJ because that’s what makes a wedding fun. I tried searching all over google for a DJ and  didn’t have any luck. It is hard to randomly find a DJ, so I asked a friend who had an amazing DJ at her wedding. She instatly gave me the reference of Bill Bailey from Bailey AVP. He is the best! He is more than “just a DJ”. He will bring life to your party. He made sure I gave him pictures and a biography for our slide-show introduction which brought tears to my eyes when I would see those photographs while I was dancing with my husband and my dad. He also played music videos while we danced and he lit up our dance floor with premiere lighting.  His personality will make you feel like the most special bride. Thanks for everything!  

Trying to find the perfect photographer? I got her. After months of searching for someone who could give me the photographs I desired at the price I could afford was tough. My taste was expensive when trying to get quotes from every photographer I could find on Facebook. As soon as I visited the website of Sarah Mellor Photography I was blown away at the amount of creativity she has. She knows how to exquisitely photograph the small details that are otherwise forgotten. I was amazed at the work she has put into my photographs.  I think my house will be consumed with wedding photographs now. I know you will make it very far in your profession. Thank You for your creative eyes! (p.s.– Enjoy living in Macon! Hope to see you around.) 

It was two months till my wedding and oh, no….who can help direct it and make sure everything runs smoothly?  Southern Peach Events was soon available to help. Savannah Echoles is not only a good friend of mine but she is the best at planning events. I came to her for help with directing the wedding and she soon jumped into helping me with all of the small details I forgot about. I don’t know what I could of done without the help of her and her family. She handled everything from planning, coordinating, direction, decorating and serving all in less than two months. This took such a huge burden off my shoulders. I was astonished at the work she accomplished. Everything was just as I imagined and more. Thank you so much for giving me the wedding of my dreams!

I don’t think words can express the joy I felt when my mother-in-law told me that Terri Cooley would help cater our wedding. I had thought about having our wedding a her house on the farm in Roberta, but once our cousin and her nephew, Kade Howard, was diagnosed with brain cancer, it was hard for me to ask her about my wedding details. August of 2012 started the toughest part our lives, but it has also made our family dynamic much stronger. The Cooley’s have always let us into their home and life with open arms. Who would of thought that such an extended part of my new family would be the family that seems like I have known them since I was a child. I was so happy to have Terri and her family help with all the fantastic food that was served at the wedding. It was such a blessing to see her niece, Kinley, be my little princess and have her mama, Ashley, there to share that special moment. I am so excited for Easter on April 15th at your house! Our reunion with Kade being cancer free will be the best day ever!

Chelsea Wessles, I am so slad you were able to be a part of my wedding. You did such a perfect job on making sure my hair looked its best. I thank you for being such a good friend and co-worker.

All of this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of Steve & Kelly Byars and David & Pam Fritz. My parents and in-laws mean everything to me. They have done so much to make sure Michael and I got a wedding that I always dreamed of…and I did! Just because we did everything “backwards” — had a child, bought a house, and then got married– doen’t mean that we couldn’t have a beautiful, normal wedding. They made sure that they gave me just that.  I love you all so much! Thanks for it all! 

A special thanks also goes out to Tori Byars, Chris Fritz, and Brandy Wilson for all of your love and support.

Brandy, you are so sweet for all the work you have put into making everythig special. It was so fun when you photographed us for our engagement pictures. They are so beautiful and that was a time I will not forget. You created the memories leading up to my big day. Our trip to Atlanta was so much fun and relaxing. A much needed time away. I hope to give you the same special experience when you and Chris get married.

I’m so happy to finally be a Fritz!



It’s been too long…


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I have made the executive decision to get back with my blog posts. It’s been too long. I have terribly missed writing my thoughts down.

Here is what is happening with my life. Today is February 5th and in 39 days I will be getting married. As exciting as this may seem, it is also the reason why I am up at 5am this morning. The thoughts of what I need to accomplish are rummaging through my head. There is still so much to do. Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who is helping relieve some of the stress that comes with wedding planning. Planning on a $4,000 budget is no joke! It seemed doable at first, but the more ideas that come into your head the more expensive it gets. Never the less, we are sticking to our budget!

What am I doing to get ready for my “big day”?

Well, my iPhone has helped me out tremendously so far. I just downloaded an app called MyNetDiary. This app lets me keep track with all of my exercises and meals very easily. I enjoy being able to scan the barcode on meals I eat such as: cereal, crackers, and anything that has a barcode. This way there is no guestimate on the calories I just consumed. The greatest thing about this app is the plan that it puts you on. You just type in your goal weight by a certain date and, magically, all of the information you need to lose that weight is right at your fingertips.

By the way, Insanity is not just for the insane. I have found a girl on YouTube that goes by the username of SegwayBeskdy, who has her own video of herself doing the Insanity workouts. Now, it is important to understand that she is not Shaun T, so keep in mind the knowledge you need to know when it comes to proper form. Googleing how to properly do some of the exercises that he explains in the video will help you understand what she is doing. She might also cut out a few minutes at the beginning or the end of her exercises but its free and it make me sweat like crazy. I have really enjoyed working out with her, BodyRockTv and Blogalaties on YouTube. Thank you guys for helping me get ready for my wedding!

Here is my favorite’s playlist from these ladies:



I have found the most amazing workouts. Thanks to the wonderful Cassie and her free workouts and meal plans available on her site at Blogilates and via youtube.

Cassey has created a 90 day challenge that will quickly transform your body. By day 2 I was already feeling taller and leaner. I am currently on week 2 of my 90 day challenge and I get more excited about becoming better at the Pilates exercises. These exercises remind me of my dancing exercises I used to do in grammar school. The more I work at them the more flexible I get and the better my posture becomes.

Her guidelines consist of following a clean diet, eating small portions every 2-3 hours, drinking 3-4L of water, and working out 1 hour a day for 5-6 times a week. She has a calendar listed on her website that will tell you what to focus on each day. For example: One day of total body, one day of arm, one day of abs,. ext. 

A Love for Mint


I think I have a problem. 

Once I have seen mint green jeans I have been on a hunt to find them. Its has been a struggle because I do not usually buy jeans online. To my surprise, Loft just got in a pair of soothing green straight leg jeans that are the best pants I have put on my legs. They fit more like skinny jeans and have a cute roll up cuff at the bottom. Once I saw these mint green beauties I realized how much I love this color.

Mint green has been a trend I have seen in my magazines and on fashion websites on the internet. Therefore, it has been easy to find pictures like the one above of different ideas on what to wear with these jeans. 

It is usually a struggle to find out what to wear with colored jeans and what color combinations with complement with your tops and bottoms. I like how the pictures above layered a polka dot blouse with a red and white striped sweater along with the mint green jeans. The classic cheetah print blouse is also a classic top to wear with colored denim. 

Mint green goes very well with colors like: tan, white and chocolate brown. These colors make such a clean and fresh look when paired with gold jewelry. 

My other mint green obsessions:


Well, once I jumped on the mint green wagon my problem became more severe. Now I need a purse, shoes, top, blazer and nail color in this gorgeous look. It has been a difficult hunt but luckily I have found a mint green top from Loft and Charlotte Russe and China Glaze nail color that match my color obsession. 






Scarf Tying Ideas


A few fun and creative ways to tie your scarf.

I have people that frequently ask me how I tie my scarfs and different ways to wear them. I thought tying scarfs was simple but there are many women who don’t know the basics to scarf tying. I wanted to post a video that showed many different ways to tie a scarf in creative ways that I would have never imagined. Annorshine posted this youtube video with fun ways to tie a scarf such as: in a bow, knotted, and ways to use multiple scarfs.

I will be sure to try the bow tie scarf this spring!

Successful Fashion Bloggers


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To stay up-to-date with the most popular fashion bloggers I need to find out more about my competition.

Here is a list and description of some of the most influential fashion bloggers:

1. The Sartorialist:

Blogger and photographer Scott Schuman has created a blog for the fashion hipster. He takes the most immaculate pictures of street style from people living in Milan, Paris, Tokyo and many other places around the world. He turns modern day “street walkers” into one of a kind fashionistas. His success has reached more than just blogging. He is featured in magazines such as, GQ, Vogue Paris and Interview. Fashions relationship with daily life is his mission for his blogs. His success in his blogs seems to come from the ability to travel to many different places across the world and take professional photographs of random people.

2. The Style Observer:

Jean Pratt is a blogger who was styled her fashion blog on making runway into street wear.

She wanted to create a blog that delivered substantial information on fashion with less ad’s. Her goal is to help people with fashion and not overanalyze the one’s that are badly dressed.

She is focused on helping people find their own style and offer outfit ideas at an affordable price. Jean has had much success being an independent publisher, a co-founder of Style Coalition and co-organizer of Fashion 2.0 meet up. Her fashion blog success comes from the ability to relate to girls on a budget. On her site you can also be directed to the exact article of clothing you are looking at purchasing.

3. Refinery 29:


Let’s Shop in Macon


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Want to know where to shop if you are a local or just visiting Macon, GA?

I have listed a few of my favorite places to roam. There is a google map below listed with my favorite places from clothing to beauty supplies. Just click on your interest and there will be a detailed description of my favorite shops.

<a href=”

” title=”Let’s Shop”>Let’s Shop

Just Do It


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I want to give some motivational tips for following up with a diet and exercise plan.

After I had my baby I needed to get back in shape as quickly as possible. This was not easy. I was not eating well enough to support my hunger and produce enough milk for my little man.

As a girl, I have always been healthy and thin and had a high metabolism, but I soon realized the change my body went through after giving birth. My body does not burn fat in high amounts like it used to and I really have to work hard to get the results I want. The past year and a half I have fluctuated between diets and exercising. I have managed to get down to a weight I feel better being at but still need to lose those last 5 pounds and tone up my core (my weakness). It is not just a matter of wanting to be “skinny.” I want to look my best and feel my best.

Also, as most of us women know, postpartum can take a heavy toll on us emotionally. Exercising and a good diet is the best way to overcome those crazy emotions and get back your confidence or help you obtain confidence that you never though you had. And as I said in my previous post, “confidence in yourself will ultimately give you confidence in your style.”

Right now, I have never felt better and I am seeing better results from my diet and exercise plan. Most people would not believe I am the same Stephanie from 3-years ago. I have some of my favorite exercise plans to contribute to this.

  • If you are a gym junkie or want to be, here are a few tips I have taken from great resources:

Subscribe to the magazine Muscle and Fitness for her. This magazine has great tips for strength training at the gym and is packed with delicious food ideas to really put a lot of protein in your diet.

http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw106.htm has plenty of information, tips and videos for getting the most out of your workout.

  • For people who like to follow exercises at home, here are a few great resources:

Pintrest, pinterest, pinterest! I can not say enough about how many wonderful exercises I have obtained from Pinterest.

My favorite exercise DVD’s are Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (my current obsession), Shaun T’s Insanity. These videos range from easier to harder in the current order they are listed.

  • For your diet:

In the morning eat your carbs so that way you have the rest of the day to burn it off. Any thing that is high in fiber, such as cereal and cereal bars, is also good to eat for breakfast.

Pack on as much protein as possible. Go to your local vitamin shop at get 100% whey protein power and mix it up with 2 scoops of protein powder, light yogurt, strawberries and crushed ice. This makes a delicious smoothie with about 45 grams of protein that can be eaten with a 100 – 200 calorie snack for a delicious and filling lunch.

For supper, don’t worry about eating anything in specific but watch your calorie intake. Portion control is key for any meal but we tend to go overboard at supper time, so always keep portion control in mind. The Paleo Diet is a good plan for anyone. Look for Paleo Diet cookbooks for dinner ideas.

  • Last tip: Drink plenty of water. Avoid soda at all cost!

I am no professional, but I encourage anyone to try these tips. Just do it and never give up!

Fall 2012 Beauty Review


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Phillip Lim has created an artistic yet wearable look for fall/winter 2012. Lim created this look with artistic inspiration. He first sketched out how he wanted his hair and make-up to look on a sheet of paper, then his “neo-nior” look just came to life. You can find this story here.

These “superman” eyes look simply amazing as the example at the bottom shows you.


Not a fan of red on the eye’s?

For a everyday look try a more subtle color liner on top of a winged out black liner. The color does not have to be as thick as the model we see here. Anything will do. First apply a winged out band of black liquid liner on your lid, then right above the black apply any other color of liquid liner at top.

Click on Double Eyeliner Look to get a more details on how to create this fabulous look.

Reminder: This look is not simple to do. It took me a few try’s until I could obtain the perfected look that I wanted. Overall, this is a fun look to try if you enjoy playing around in makeup or if you are just wanting a new look, in general.

These playful eyes are also paired with a more simple hair-do. A sleek ponytail really makes your eyes the focal point. The “sleek look” has been seen by other designers as well, such as Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs, did the opposite, by making the lips his focal point for the fall/winter season. The picture below shows a sleek pony paired with an electric lip.

I am obsessed with this look, because it is easy for women on the go. I wear this look a lot because I am usually rushing to get to work or school. It is easy to pull off a this structured look in minutes.


Look Good in Anything


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Confidence is essential for women looking to broaden their horizon in their appearance. For some women it might be easy to just throw on some metallic eyeliner or bright lipstick. For other women it can be a struggle just to try on a pair of skinny jeans. Lady Gaga is a perfect example of a woman with enough confidence to wear what she pleases.

I am not suggesting to dress like Gaga. I am simply stating that confidence matters. You could be wearing something totally out of your realm but carry it like it is the most amazing outfit on this planet, and that, my friend, is important to know in the fashion world.

You might wonder, How do I obtain this confidence?

This is a great question and one that is easy to answer. Here it comes….a good diet and exercise.

We have all heard this a million times, I know, but it is still the best way to help your mood and the way you look. You can simply start by finding a good magazine such as Women’s Health or Shape to get your motivation going. I often like to just skim through the pages and find the women I enjoy to look at or start reading the nutritional information and recipes.

Good Luck