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I want to give some motivational tips for following up with a diet and exercise plan.

After I had my baby I needed to get back in shape as quickly as possible. This was not easy. I was not eating well enough to support my hunger and produce enough milk for my little man.

As a girl, I have always been healthy and thin and had a high metabolism, but I soon realized the change my body went through after giving birth. My body does not burn fat in high amounts like it used to and I really have to work hard to get the results I want. The past year and a half I have fluctuated between diets and exercising. I have managed to get down to a weight I feel better being at but still need to lose those last 5 pounds and tone up my core (my weakness). It is not just a matter of wanting to be “skinny.” I want to look my best and feel my best.

Also, as most of us women know, postpartum can take a heavy toll on us emotionally. Exercising and a good diet is the best way to overcome those crazy emotions and get back your confidence or help you obtain confidence that you never though you had. And as I said in my previous post, “confidence in yourself will ultimately give you confidence in your style.”

Right now, I have never felt better and I am seeing better results from my diet and exercise plan. Most people would not believe I am the same Stephanie from 3-years ago. I have some of my favorite exercise plans to contribute to this.

  • If you are a gym junkie or want to be, here are a few tips I have taken from great resources:

Subscribe to the magazine Muscle and Fitness for her. This magazine has great tips for strength training at the gym and is packed with delicious food ideas to really put a lot of protein in your diet.

http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw106.htm has plenty of information, tips and videos for getting the most out of your workout.

  • For people who like to follow exercises at home, here are a few great resources:

Pintrest, pinterest, pinterest! I can not say enough about how many wonderful exercises I have obtained from Pinterest.

My favorite exercise DVD’s are Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (my current obsession), Shaun T’s Insanity. These videos range from easier to harder in the current order they are listed.

  • For your diet:

In the morning eat your carbs so that way you have the rest of the day to burn it off. Any thing that is high in fiber, such as cereal and cereal bars, is also good to eat for breakfast.

Pack on as much protein as possible. Go to your local vitamin shop at get 100% whey protein power and mix it up with 2 scoops of protein powder, light yogurt, strawberries and crushed ice. This makes a delicious smoothie with about 45 grams of protein that can be eaten with a 100 – 200 calorie snack for a delicious and filling lunch.

For supper, don’t worry about eating anything in specific but watch your calorie intake. Portion control is key for any meal but we tend to go overboard at supper time, so always keep portion control in mind. The Paleo Diet is a good plan for anyone. Look for Paleo Diet cookbooks for dinner ideas.

  • Last tip: Drink plenty of water. Avoid soda at all cost!

I am no professional, but I encourage anyone to try these tips. Just do it and never give up!