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Phillip Lim has created an artistic yet wearable look for fall/winter 2012. Lim created this look with artistic inspiration. He first sketched out how he wanted his hair and make-up to look on a sheet of paper, then his “neo-nior” look just came to life. You can find this story here.

These “superman” eyes look simply amazing as the example at the bottom shows you.


Not a fan of red on the eye’s?

For a everyday look try a more subtle color liner on top of a winged out black liner. The color does not have to be as thick as the model we see here. Anything will do. First apply a winged out band of black liquid liner on your lid, then right above the black apply any other color of liquid liner at top.

Click on Double Eyeliner Look to get a more details on how to create this fabulous look.

Reminder: This look is not simple to do. It took me a few try’s until I could obtain the perfected look that I wanted. Overall, this is a fun look to try if you enjoy playing around in makeup or if you are just wanting a new look, in general.

These playful eyes are also paired with a more simple hair-do. A sleek ponytail really makes your eyes the focal point. The “sleek look” has been seen by other designers as well, such as Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs, did the opposite, by making the lips his focal point for the fall/winter season. The picture below shows a sleek pony paired with an electric lip.

I am obsessed with this look, because it is easy for women on the go. I wear this look a lot because I am usually rushing to get to work or school. It is easy to pull off a this structured look in minutes.