Image by Sarah Mellor Photography

I made it down the isle without having a nervous brake-down! Yes, I have to say I enjoyed every second that Saturday afternoon. I was blessed with the most beautiful wedding day a girl could ask for.

I would like to thank all of the amazing people who made my day amazing!

I booked my DJ first. I knew I had to have a great DJ because that’s what makes a wedding fun. I tried searching all over google for a DJ and  didn’t have any luck. It is hard to randomly find a DJ, so I asked a friend who had an amazing DJ at her wedding. She instatly gave me the reference of Bill Bailey from Bailey AVP. He is the best! He is more than “just a DJ”. He will bring life to your party. He made sure I gave him pictures and a biography for our slide-show introduction which brought tears to my eyes when I would see those photographs while I was dancing with my husband and my dad. He also played music videos while we danced and he lit up our dance floor with premiere lighting.  His personality will make you feel like the most special bride. Thanks for everything!  

Trying to find the perfect photographer? I got her. After months of searching for someone who could give me the photographs I desired at the price I could afford was tough. My taste was expensive when trying to get quotes from every photographer I could find on Facebook. As soon as I visited the website of Sarah Mellor Photography I was blown away at the amount of creativity she has. She knows how to exquisitely photograph the small details that are otherwise forgotten. I was amazed at the work she has put into my photographs.  I think my house will be consumed with wedding photographs now. I know you will make it very far in your profession. Thank You for your creative eyes! (p.s.– Enjoy living in Macon! Hope to see you around.) 

It was two months till my wedding and oh, no….who can help direct it and make sure everything runs smoothly?  Southern Peach Events was soon available to help. Savannah Echoles is not only a good friend of mine but she is the best at planning events. I came to her for help with directing the wedding and she soon jumped into helping me with all of the small details I forgot about. I don’t know what I could of done without the help of her and her family. She handled everything from planning, coordinating, direction, decorating and serving all in less than two months. This took such a huge burden off my shoulders. I was astonished at the work she accomplished. Everything was just as I imagined and more. Thank you so much for giving me the wedding of my dreams!

I don’t think words can express the joy I felt when my mother-in-law told me that Terri Cooley would help cater our wedding. I had thought about having our wedding a her house on the farm in Roberta, but once our cousin and her nephew, Kade Howard, was diagnosed with brain cancer, it was hard for me to ask her about my wedding details. August of 2012 started the toughest part our lives, but it has also made our family dynamic much stronger. The Cooley’s have always let us into their home and life with open arms. Who would of thought that such an extended part of my new family would be the family that seems like I have known them since I was a child. I was so happy to have Terri and her family help with all the fantastic food that was served at the wedding. It was such a blessing to see her niece, Kinley, be my little princess and have her mama, Ashley, there to share that special moment. I am so excited for Easter on April 15th at your house! Our reunion with Kade being cancer free will be the best day ever!

Chelsea Wessles, I am so slad you were able to be a part of my wedding. You did such a perfect job on making sure my hair looked its best. I thank you for being such a good friend and co-worker.

All of this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the help of Steve & Kelly Byars and David & Pam Fritz. My parents and in-laws mean everything to me. They have done so much to make sure Michael and I got a wedding that I always dreamed of…and I did! Just because we did everything “backwards” — had a child, bought a house, and then got married– doen’t mean that we couldn’t have a beautiful, normal wedding. They made sure that they gave me just that.  I love you all so much! Thanks for it all! 

A special thanks also goes out to Tori Byars, Chris Fritz, and Brandy Wilson for all of your love and support.

Brandy, you are so sweet for all the work you have put into making everythig special. It was so fun when you photographed us for our engagement pictures. They are so beautiful and that was a time I will not forget. You created the memories leading up to my big day. Our trip to Atlanta was so much fun and relaxing. A much needed time away. I hope to give you the same special experience when you and Chris get married.

I’m so happy to finally be a Fritz!