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To stay up-to-date with the most popular fashion bloggers I need to find out more about my competition.

Here is a list and description of some of the most influential fashion bloggers:

1. The Sartorialist:

Blogger and photographer Scott Schuman has created a blog for the fashion hipster. He takes the most immaculate pictures of street style from people living in Milan, Paris, Tokyo and many other places around the world. He turns modern day “street walkers” into one of a kind fashionistas. His success has reached more than just blogging. He is featured in magazines such as, GQ, Vogue Paris and Interview. Fashions relationship with daily life is his mission for his blogs. His success in his blogs seems to come from the ability to travel to many different places across the world and take professional photographs of random people.

2. The Style Observer:

Jean Pratt is a blogger who was styled her fashion blog on making runway into street wear.

She wanted to create a blog that delivered substantial information on fashion with less ad’s. Her goal is to help people with fashion and not overanalyze the one’s that are badly dressed.

She is focused on helping people find their own style and offer outfit ideas at an affordable price. Jean has had much success being an independent publisher, a co-founder of Style Coalition and co-organizer of Fashion 2.0 meet up. Her fashion blog success comes from the ability to relate to girls on a budget. On her site you can also be directed to the exact article of clothing you are looking at purchasing.

3. Refinery 29: