I think I have a problem. 

Once I have seen mint green jeans I have been on a hunt to find them. Its has been a struggle because I do not usually buy jeans online. To my surprise, Loft just got in a pair of soothing green straight leg jeans that are the best pants I have put on my legs. They fit more like skinny jeans and have a cute roll up cuff at the bottom. Once I saw these mint green beauties I realized how much I love this color.

Mint green has been a trend I have seen in my magazines and on fashion websites on the internet. Therefore, it has been easy to find pictures like the one above of different ideas on what to wear with these jeans. 

It is usually a struggle to find out what to wear with colored jeans and what color combinations with complement with your tops and bottoms. I like how the pictures above layered a polka dot blouse with a red and white striped sweater along with the mint green jeans. The classic cheetah print blouse is also a classic top to wear with colored denim. 

Mint green goes very well with colors like: tan, white and chocolate brown. These colors make such a clean and fresh look when paired with gold jewelry. 

My other mint green obsessions:


Well, once I jumped on the mint green wagon my problem became more severe. Now I need a purse, shoes, top, blazer and nail color in this gorgeous look. It has been a difficult hunt but luckily I have found a mint green top from Loft and Charlotte Russe and China Glaze nail color that match my color obsession.