It started as I was entering seventh grade at Central Fellowship Christian Academy. Style was not present at a school like this. Classic uniform was mandatory and made most girls like me cringe at the thought of having to put on a white collard shirt without the Hollister logo or a well fitted pair of American Eagle chinos. Style was considered to be the amount of money our parents would spend on a certain popular brand of clothing. There seemed to be no space for creativity and personality. Preppy was so basic yet so in style. As a young girl wanting to fit in with my peers, I followed this specific type of style. Everything was perfect.

Everything was perfect until I made the transition to public school. Slowly, I could transition my wardrobe into something sparsely more creative. Well, if that you mean Hollister jeans and hoodies. Maybe situations were not so contrasting between the two schools. To fit in with my peers we still needed our parents to pay for these brands we LOVED so much. Although, I can say there were many distinctive styles in public school than what I encountered in private school. Overtime the styles of the select few had some influence over me. I ventured out into the country themed apparel (which was easy when your from Georgia), and a kind of punk rock style. Uncovering the specific genre of a person who I wanted to transform into was beginning to become challenging. I became highly involved in the my art classes and was completely inspired by my art teacher named Mrs. Barfield. She managed all art classes, art club and the yearbook committee. She was a major influence in determining my path.

My senior year at Rutland High School I obtained a job at, what else other than, Hollister. It was not the perfect workplace but I enjoyed working with the clothes I loved wearing. From one retail store to another, I discovered my passion for working with an amazing group of people at Loft. This is where I would say I reached my discovery of true fashion and style. I learned about finding the most amazing fits for many different types of women, how quality matters and learning how to mix patters and finding the right proportions for every body type. As I progressed at my work I studied fashion magazines and learned from online sources such as Rachel Zoe also became my ultimate style icon. Fashion just made me feel good. Knowing that I have a woman’s trust to be able to dress them and for them to be able to completely rely on my advice means the everything to this small town girl.